Weirs Beach Laconia 

History abounds everywhere you look in Weirs Beach, Laconia! Relax and wander through the beautiful area by watching the video below. Read the post and plan your own adventure to Weirs Beach, Winnipesaukee, and Laconia! 

Today’s Weirs Beach trip was a quick decision to do something fun and getaway. It is what I love about New Hampshire, there is no shortage of things to explore! The list of things to do in New Hampshire is long and covers all four seasons!

Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in the state and Weirs Beach is one of its most notable and popular destinations. Laconia Motorcycle Week is an annual event there that draws thousands of bikers from across the country. 

A swim in the lake, window shopping, and lunch were on our agenda for the day. “Letting things unfold” was our motto. 

Funspot, Laconia

Before long, we knew we had arrived when we saw the world-famous “Weirs Beach” sign along Lakeside Avenue. We had talked about making a stop at Funspot so that became our first point of interest.

Weirs Beach Weirs Beach

Weirs Beach

We arrived early and spent a couple of hours wandering through two floors of classic and modern games. Their website claims they have 600 games for all ages! It is amazing to see how far things have come since the days of “Pong.” A portion of their collection is devoted to the history of video games at their arcade museum. We cashed in our reams of paper tickets for prizes. By the time we left, the place was packed and buzzing with activity.

Boats, Trains, and Automobiles

We then made our way down to Lakeside Avenue and found a parking spot for the day. The boardwalk is the hub for train rides on the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad, boat rides on MS Mount Washington, and numerous shops and restaurants.

Weirs Beach

While wandering into the Mount Washington gift shop, we learned of a wedding that was going to take place on the boat later in the day. Anthony’s stuck out as a fun place with its pier and neon lights. While eating lunch, both Mount Washington and Doris E came in to dock!

NH Veterans’ Association, Laconia

Keeping an eye out for historical markers to add to the home page is always on my radar. The NH Veterans Association marker led to more pictures of the unique and beautiful houses built for veterans of the Civil War. More amazing history right in our backyard.

Weirs Beach

Endicott Rock Park, Laconia

We worked our way down the boardwalk towards Endicott Rock Park and the beach to enjoy the water and relax on the sand. The water was amazingly clean and refreshing. Boats of all shapes and sizes moved through the channel and out into the lake. My pictures don’t do justice to the combination of scenery. The beautiful lake and mountain backdrops were just what we had hoped for.

Weirs Beach

Weirs Beach

Weirs Beach

A statue down by the channel kept calling to me as well as my curiosity about the boats moving in and out of that area. Another nugget from the day revealed itself in a historical find. Endicott Rock marks the spot where in 1629, the initials of John Endicott (Governor of Massachusetts Bay), Edward Johnson, and Simon Willard were etched into the rock to mark their exploration and surveying of the area. I was truly amazed to think of what had occurred on that spot almost 400 years ago!

Weirs Beach

The MS Mount Washington slowly backed away from the dock and departed with its wedding party aboard. The scene was somewhat surreal as the big boat faded away into the lake. It provided a perfect picture to end a perfect day. Weirs Beach, Laconia, NH is well worth your time, add it to your explore list!

Weirs Beach

Weirs Beach

Have you ever been to Weirs Beach or visited Lake Winnipesaukee? Leave a comment below and let me know about your best memory or experience! I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time, “New Hampshire Live Free and Explore!”

New Hampshire Live Free and Explore!



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