Kancamagus Highway

Enjoy this video of our trip along the beautiful Kancamagus highway! The White Mountains Region and scenic Kancamagus Highway are truly breathtaking! Read more about the trip in the post below and then plan your own adventure!


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Kancamagus Highway

Today’s post on the Kancamagus Highway is an example of what I continue to hope to bring to this website.

My girlfriend’s Dad was visiting from Ohio and we talked about exploring the White Mountains region. After some brainstorming, we settled on driving the Kancamagus Highway! We loosely settled on a handful of destinations along the way but we would be flexible about the day would unfold.

I had driven the Kancamagus many years ago but was looking forward to exploring it again with a fresh set of eyes. I did remember that pictures did not seem to do justice to the natural beauty and rugged landscape of the area.

We settled in for a fairly straight drive along I91 North along the Vermont / New Hampshire border. The Connecticut River is ever-present as the natural boundary between the two states. Pasture and farmland straddle along both sides of the river. Exit 16 got us back into New Hampshire and our first unexpected treat.

Historical Markers, New Hampshire

One of my challenges with this site is to notice the State Historical Markers and make it a quest to stop, photograph, read and share them with you. As we passed through a little town called Haverhill, there was one of the unmistakable green historical plaques telling us to get out, stretch our legs, and “explore!”

Haverhill, Haverhill Corner Historic District

Apparently, the towns of Haverhill and Piermont had a bit of a property line dispute back in the late 1700s. It doesn’t sound too serious, no mention of lives lost or hostages taken! The square was meticulously landscaped. The layout had that distinctive “New England” feel with the mix of churches, schools, and government buildings.

I have become more aware of the centuries of history in New Hampshire. These markers help to remind me that there have been generations before me and there will be generations after.

We stretched our legs, breathed in the fresh air, and then continued on towards our destination.

Beaver Pond

It wasn’t long before we found ourselves on Route 112 and heading towards the Kancamagus Highway! Our first stop was perhaps one of our most memorable. As we passed Kingsman Notch we all exclaimed “Wow!” The clear waters of Beaver Pond forced us to execute our first U-turn of the day.

I think we could have probably just stopped there for the rest of the day and have been content. We spent about 60-90 minutes exploring the spillway, and pond, and scouring the mountainside with binoculars. We even managed to wet a couple of fish lines during our stay.

A number of kayakers dropped in which made us wish we had prepared for the same. Maybe I will add kayaking Beaver Pond to my list of things to do in New Hampshire. We may have spotted some eagles high on the ridgeline, they were too far away to confirm for sure. New Hampshire’s natural beauty is on full display today!

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Hancock Notch Trailhead / Kancamagus Highway

We continued on along to the Kangamagus Highway, just past Lincoln, stopping where the views and our curiosity called us to. All of the scenic pull-offs provide amazing views but the Hancock Notch trailhead area was stunning. Pictures don’t really do justice to the beauty of the White Mountains. The lookout provides informative plaques about how the glaciers formed the geography and watershed of the area.

Lost River Gorge / Swift River

We stopped for lunch at the Lost River Gorge. We didn’t have time to explore but it made for a great spot to relax and take in more of the scenery. Click on the link above and the About page to learn how glaciers formed the gorge. It is incredible to think of mile-high ice sheets and how the landscape was formed by them.

Following along the Swift River, we then found a spot that called to us to get out of the car and explore. The water was crystal clear and inviting and made a great place to stretch our legs and breath in more of the beauty.

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We eventually made out way to Conway where we had lunch with a view of Mount Washington off in the distance. That is definitely on the Blog to-do list! Enjoy the link above to learn more about this geologic wonder.

On our return journey, we passed through many other beautiful towns. The views of Lake Winnipesaukee and the Laconia area were added to potential future posts as well. Visit my resources page and pick your own New Hampshire exploration opportunity.

I absolutely recommend you put the Kancamagus Highway on your New Hampshire wish list! If you enjoyed this post, be sure to share it through the social media icons provided and sign up to stay in the loop on future posts.

If you have experienced the Kancamagus Highway or have anything you would like to share, please add a comment below and help celebrate this beautiful slice of New Hampshire!

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