Chesterfield has its own unique and interesting history that dates back as far as 1735! It is the home of two additional villages, West Chesterfield, and Spofford. West Chesterfield borders Vermont and the Connecticut River to the West.

Chesterfield was home to “Fort #1” in a line of forts along the river that served as protection to early settlers and traders. 

Harlan Fiske Stone Bridge

Harlan Fiske Stone Bridge

Harlan Fiske Stone

Harlan Fiske Stone, A Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1941-1946, was born in Chesterfield in 1872. The New Hampshire historical marker is included with the others on my home page. 

Chesterfield, Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone

Points of Interest

Chesterfield enjoys close proximity to both Brattleboro, Vermont, and Keene, New Hampshire. Spofford Lake, Pisgah State Park, and Pine Grove Springs Golf Course all are great attractions offering outdoor enjoyment. 

Spofford Lake

Below are the beautiful town hall, library, historical society, and post office. 

There are beautiful views of Vermont along Route 63 that can be stunning at sunset. You can make out the ski slopes at Mount Snow in West Dover, Vermont. My brother-in-law captured this sunset to the west and rainbow to the east one evening. 

Chesterfield Sunset

Credit: Todd Calderwood

Chesterfield Rainbow

Credit: Todd Calderwood

The Chesterfield Historical Society building is just to the right of the town hall. Visit my Resources Page to explore the historical signs and learn more about New Hampshire’s unique and long history. I will be adding more signs as each adventure presents an opportunity. 

Chesterfield Library

Chesterfield Gorge

Chesterfield Gorge is another gem! It is easily accessed right off Route 9, has well-maintained trails, beautiful scenery, and is a relatively short hike. This is another place that I had driven by countless times and never “explored!” I hope to find many more treasures like this as we “explore” New Hampshire together.

Chesterfield Gorge

Chesterfield Gorge

Chesterfield Gorge

Chesterfield Gorge

Chesterfield Gorge

Chesterfield has access to nearby, Pisgah State Park, with over 13,500 acres of great hiking. It is the largest property in the New Hampshire State Park system. Add Pisgah State Park to your list of things to do in New Hampshire!

Do you live in, or have you visited beautiful Chesterfield, New Hampshire? Drop a comment below and share some of your thoughts!

New Hampshire Live Free and Explore!


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