League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Fair 

Talent, treasures, and scenic views abound at the annual League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Fair held at Mount Sunapee! Plan your own trip and try one of the hands-on crafts or shop amongst the many tents with quality crafted items of every sort. Check out the video and post below and put this event on your to-do list! 

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The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Fair is one of the oldest Fairs in the country. I am hopeful that by the end of this post you will be adding it to your calendar of things to do in New Hampshire!

The fair is held annually in August at the base of beautiful Mount Sunapee Ski Resort, in Newbury, New Hampshire. It is one of the oldest continuously running events of its kind in the entire country.

The event started in the mid-1920s and has grown into one of the state’s jewels, drawing thousands of visitors over the nine-day event held each August.  The talent and passion of the craftsmen at this juried event are truly remarkable. If you are the creative type, this event will leave you inspired and wanting to revisit any current or past hobbies. 

Route 10 North

Our ride took us up Route 10 which is a treat in and of itself! I managed to gain two more historical signs along the way; a stone arch bridge in Gilsum, and Captain John Gunnison in Goshen. I often picture Native American Indians and settlers in our area and how things must have looked back then.

Riding along Route 10 North brings you through some winding and hilly terrain and takes you past some beautiful natural scenery. Another treat is the Ashuelot River which hugs the twists and turns along the way. It alternates between rocky passages and open marshy sections. In Marlow, it flows over a picturesque spillway. Up the road slightly, you will find the center of Marlow and a postcard New Hampshire scene with town buildings and offices overlooking a marshy pond.  

Goshen, Capt. John W. Gunnison

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Lempster Wind Turbines

The wind turbines in Lempster are always a treat and let you know you are getting close. I do have mixed feelings about altering the landscape and the natural beauty, but I think it is needed and the benefits probably outweigh those feelings. They do have a certain grace and beauty all their own as they harness the wind patterns in the area. Keeping things in balance is key and I have faith New Hampshire will find that balance.

A right turn in Goshen sends us onto Brook Road for more beautiful views before we find ourselves on Route 103. Within 5 minutes or so, we are at the base of the Mount Sunapee entrance, and the “League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Fair” sign greats us.

I first attended this amazing event about ten years ago and continue to put it on my annual to-do list. I am never disappointed!

If you have dabbled in various hobbies like mine over the years, you perhaps have some understanding of the time, passion, and skill these people put into their work.  

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Craftsmen Fair / Mount Sunapee

Mount Sunapee is the perfect host for this event and lends itself to making it all the more memorable. Parking and shuttle services are plentiful. While the event is always well attended, I have never felt overwhelmed with crowd sizes.

Entering the fair requires a modest $15 admission fee, children 12 and under are free. White tents line the base of the lodge and are buzzing with activity. There are countless forms of artistry including glass, wood, clay, metal, paint, fabric, photography, and more. All of the artists are juried members of The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and you can be assured it is a standard that will not disappoint. You could easily spend an entire day leisurely walking the event.

Craftsmen A-Z

Rather than comment on each individual craftsperson, I would really encourage you to go to the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen website and explore whatever piques your interest.

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There are a number of hands-on activities including glassblowing, woodworking, and pottery among others. You might just leave the fair with the spark to start your own passionate hobby. I explored bowl turning after seeing some of the beautiful work displayed here.


 There is always plenty of food and entertainment to keep things lively and interesting. We stopped for ice cream before we worked our way up to the main lodge area to purchase tickets for a lift ride to the top of the mountain.

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 Views from Mount Sunapee

The chairlift rides to the top of the mountain are always a great way to cap off the day and give you a twinge for ski season. The views of Lake Sunapee and the surrounding mountains are stunning. There are a number of hiking trails that are on my to-do list. Perhaps a hike along the “Lake Solitude trail” will be a post for another day. 

Mount Sunapee is a beautiful mountain to ski. The views and terrain are second to none. My pictures don’t really do justice to the views, but I hope they are enough to entice you to end your visit with a ride up the mountain as well. After a few dozen pictures and time to enjoy the fresh mountain air, we rode the lift back down to the base lodge. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures and video collage of our day. By the way, I will be investing in both equipment and knowledge as I progress with this blog. I am enjoying the Great Courses Photography Fundamentals courses I & II and hope to add new equipment before long.

Visit my Resources page and explore other great New Hampshire opportunities! Until next time, “New Hampshire Live Free and Explore!” 

Have you ever been to this amazing event at the base of beautiful Mount Sunapee? Do you have a favorite craftsperson at the event? Please share a comment below and help promote this amazing annual event! I look forward to hearing from you.

New Hampshire Live Free and Explore!




  1. Marguerite L Nash

    A few years ago when I was attending the art show at Sunapee, I purchased a ceramic(I believe) turtle, which looked like it was swimming out of the wall. I remember the sculptor had named the turtle, “Bingly”. I live in Florida and have just sold my house and the buyers are disappointed that I want to take Bingly with me. Would you possibly be able to send me the sculptor’s contact info so I can pass it on to my buyers?


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