Keene Art Walk

In this post, I’d like to introduce you to the annual “Keene Art Walk” event in beautiful downtown Keene, New Hampshire. This year, the event was held from May 31st through June 9th. 

Each year, local artists and downtown businesses collaborate to display their amazing work in the various storefront windows in downtown Keene. The event lasts over nine days and leaves plenty of time for you to schedule a stroll around Main Street to enjoy the beautiful artwork. 

Artists of all ages participate in the event and the talent is truly amazing. You will find a variety of mediums from oil, watercolor, photography, wood, and more all up and down the storefronts. Even the local schools get involved and display some awe-inspiring work. 

Favorite Local Artists 

This year, organizers worked to block off a short section of Main Street in order to have a “Block Party” where families could have some fun with games, face painting, and other activities. 

I can’t begin to provide links to every artist, but here are some that stood out to me during my stroll around town: Alicia Drakiotes, Mary Iselin, Jim Laurier, Bob Englund.

The event is a great opportunity to stroll up and down Mainstreet. Plan a trip to admire the artistic talent from the area and explore the great variety of shops and restaurants. If you enjoy art in its many forms, add Keene’s Art Walk to your list of things to do in New Hampshire! Visit my post on downtown Keene to learn more about beautiful Main Street. 

Art & Ice Cream

I topped off my stroll with a stop at Walpole Creamery Parlor as a perfect ending to the day! I learned about the New Hampshire Ice Cream Trail in the pamphlet. I might have to mix hiking with that challenge!

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Do you have a favorite local artist? Have you experienced Art Walk in Keene before? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you. 

Keene Art Walk

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