The Ashuelot Covered Bridge

The beautiful Ashuelot Covered Bridge on a snowy day in January in Ashuelot New Hampshire. We have 54 historic covered bridges scattered around the state. They are a great piece of our history preserved and enjoyed in the present! 

The bridge was constructed in 1864 and the total cost to build it was $4,650.

These additional pictures are from a stop about a year later. I have been by the Ashuelot Covered Bridge countless times in the past but never ventured on the other side. This blog is a testament to exploring and taking the road less traveled so I figured why not “cross over!” It was a nice treat and led to additional gems to add to this post.

Here are a couple of new perspectives from the bridge itself showing the raging waters from a recent rainstorm and snowmelt.

Ashuelot Covered Bridge

Ashuelot Covered Bridge

Train Depot

An old train depot on the other side was begging for a picture. It is nice to see these historic buildings maintained. The rail-trail runs right through the area. See my post on “Keene’s Rail Trails” for an appreciation of the history and access to such beautiful trails.

Ashuelot Train Depot

Rail Trail

Rail Trail

The Winchester Historical Society Museum:

Winchester Historical Society Museum

An old train bridge crossing the Ashuelot River along the rail trail.

Rail Trail Bridge over Ashuelot River

Rail Trail Bridge over Ashuelot River

Rail Trail Bridge over Ashuelot River

I have another short post on the Thompson Covered Bridge in Swanzey.  I’ll add more as I come across them while exploring! Click on this bridge link to view the other New Hampshire Covered Bridges I have captured to date.

This beautiful book by Kim Varney Chandler, “Covered Bridges of New Hampshire“, makes a great addition to any Covered Bridge enthusiast library! (paid link)


What is your favorite New Hampshire-covered bridge? Share it below in the comments section. Maybe I will put it on my list of bridges to visit!

New Hampshire Live Free and Explore!



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