Derry, NH Roots

This post brings us to Derry, New Hampshire to explore a few fun items on my adventure list. A brief introduction to Derry, taken from the town website, will help to frame some of the history of this area.

In 1718, a Pastor named James McGregor led 16 families from Londonderry, Ireland to the New World. Their hope, like many, was to start a new life and escape the oppressive rule of England. After a less-than-welcoming stay in Boston, they were able to acquire a 100-square-mile tract of land that at that time was called Nutfield.

In 1722, townspeople applied to the royal government in Portsmouth for the formation of the town of Londonderry. Eventually, Londonderry would become the towns of Windham, Derry, Londonderry, and even portions of Salem, Manchester, and Hudson. In 1827, the town of Derry was recognized by the state.

Famed for its quality, Londonderry Linen was claimed to have been the first trademarked product in America. General John Stark, author of the famous “Live Free or Die” found throughout New Hampshire, claimed Londonderry as his birthplace.

Eventually, the industry shifted to the manufacture of shoes that would make their way to 5 different continents! Future shifts would drive this industry south and Derry endured lean years until the construction of Interstate I-93 and the growth opportunities that came with it. It didn’t take long before Industrial parks and growth would once again take hold and help shape the town into what it has become today.

As you drive through the town, you will see the names of streets, old factory buildings, churches, and more that give a clue as to the Scottish and Irish roots.

I hope you enjoy the post and video below and perhaps they inspire you to stop and explore the towns, cities, and attractions that make New Hampshire special.


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The Robert Frost Farm

The Robert Frost Farm was the must-see on my agenda for the day. The building would be closed for the season, but the grounds were beautiful, and the late fall season is still a great time to enjoy the last gasp of foliage before winter.

Located right off Route 28/Rockingham Rd., the farm was easy to locate, had plenty of parking, and provided another score for a historical marker!

Derry, Robert Frost

I hadn’t done a ton of research beforehand so it was a pleasant surprise to find plaques throughout the grounds that celebrated many of Robert Frost’s poems inspired by his years on the farm. The stonewalls encompassing the road frontage and field behind the farmhouse immediately make you think of “Mending Wall”, and how they might have inspired Frost.

Derry, NH Robert Frost

Derry, NH Robert Frost

Derry, NH Robert Frost

You can follow along a well-groomed trail around the perimeter of the field and forest to find additional poems. They make the whole experience a series of mini adventures which adds to the fun.

Derry, NH Robert Frost

Derry, NH Robert Frost

Derry, NH Robert Frost

It would have been fun to explore the farmhouse but it wasn’t meant to be on this trip. While it is a beautiful farmhouse, it also has appeal in its simplicity. It’s white paint and an ordinary mailbox could allow it to blend into the countryside like any other property if not for the Historical signage. This was a fun first stop on my trip and I would like to stop back when the full site is open to the public.

Derry, NH Robert Frost

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East Broadway Street / Downtown Derry

It has been my practice to drive through the center of some of the towns I visit to get a feel for the heartbeat of each of them. East Broadway Street seemed bustling with a mix of cleverly named restaurants, shops, and services.

Posting for this blog has created a renewed appreciation for small businesses across the state. They truly are the lifeblood of the American economy. I hope each post helps to drive some business their way as I look to share what makes New Hampshire special.

Derry, NH

Derry, NH

A drive past Tupelo Music Hall made the list. I have never been, but I have seen plenty of posts and musical acts that have put it on my radar. Artists like Melissa Etheridge, Gordon Lightfoot, Kenny Wayne Sheperd, LiAnne Rymes, and others have performed there. Check out their website for pictures and their calendar of upcoming acts.

Derry, NH Tupelo

Pinkerton Academy

Another appreciation I have developed while posting for this website is the amazing history of the area and how it has been central to the creation of our country. Pinkerton Academy is a small example of that.

As the historical marker mentions, brothers, John and James Pinkerton helped to found the academy that would become the state’s largest independent high school. Notable students who graced its halls over the years include; Alan Shepard, Tricia Dunn, and Robert Frost.

Derry, NH Pinkerton Academy

Derry, NH Pinkerton Academy

Derry, Pinkerton Academy

Derry, Old Academy Building


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Taylor Up and Down Sawmill

Taylor Sawmill was last on my list of adventures for the day. With the close of autumn, it too was buttoned up for the upcoming winter. It still was fun to walk the grounds and explore the building, and water wheel, and capture some pictures and video.

Derry, NH Taylor Mill

Derry, NH Taylor Mill

Derry, NH Taylor Mill

I hope you enjoyed this taste of Derry, New Hampshire. I look forward to updating this and other posts as I learn more about New Hampshire and pass through again on new adventures.

For another fun adventure, check out my post on The Scenic Railriders in Concord! It is a great way to get some exercise, fresh air, and enjoy the Merrimack Valley Region!

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Until the next post: “Live Free and Explore!”

New Hampshire Live Free and Explore!




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