Thompson Covered Bridge

Thompson Covered Bridge is another one of New Hampshire’s 54 historic covered bridges. I am fortunate enough to live near several of them. Creating this post has made me further appreciate the history and uniqueness of each of them. Exploring New Hampshire’s covered bridges is one more activity to add to your list of things to do in New Hampshire! 

Thompson Covered Bridge

The bridge was constructed in 1832. It has apparently outlasted a steel bridge constructed in 1976 and closed 14 years later when it was deemed unsafe! 

One of my fondest memories is of kayaking down the Ashuelot river from Keene to Winchester with my daughter a few summers ago. We were amazed to see so many covered bridges along the way! 

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Thompson Covered Bridge

School children in 1973 would need to get off the school bus, cross the bridge, and re-board as the weight limit would not allow a fully loaded bus to cross the bridge. 

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 Nearby factory buildings next to the bridge are typical of New England. It reminds us of how interconnected the waterways and commerce once were. 

Thompson Covered Bridge

Plan to visit Thompson Covered Bridge or one of the other historic bridges during your next adventure in New Hampshire! Visit my short post on another bridge in Ashuelot for another New Hampshire treat! Click on this bridge link to view the pictures of bridges I have collected to date.

Share a comment below on your favorite New Hampshire Covered Bridge or anything else you love about the Granite State! 

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