Lake Warren, Alstead

I hadn’t really intended for our adventure to Lake Warren to become a post. It turned into such a fun outing and an example of what I love about New Hampshire, it was worth a quick story. Tackling New Hampshire’s many lakes and ponds over the years has been one of the sparks that lead to the idea for this blog about the Granite State.

Lake Warren

My stepson and I decided to do some spring trout fishing and the New Hampshire Fish and Game website listed Lake Warren as one of the places recently stocked. They do a great job maintaining the fish stock in the state. If you have never watched “Northwoods Law”, you are missing out. The show follows game wardens as they go about their normal daily duties. It really gives you an appreciation for the broad range of situations and challenges they face on a daily basis.

I only had my cell phone on me which somewhat limited my ability for photos. I’m pretty happy with the pics of some of the fish we caught but I missed out on a slew of potentially great bird pics. The eagle, osprey, loons, ducks, and geese would have really rounded out this post.

Fantastic Fishing

The trout did not disappoint! Rainbows and browns were both biting.

Lake Warren

Lake Warren

Lake Warren

We were pleasantly surprised to add pickerel and yellow perch into the day’s mix. I have caught nice smallmouth at Lake Warren as well during other trips. There is a nice island that is fun to explore that usually has a rope swing or two.

Lake Warren

Lake Warren

I’m kicking myself for not grabbing a few more pictures but I will try and capture more in the future so I can add them to this post. There is a nice spillway across from the boat landing where people fish from the shore if boating isn’t an option.

I hope you enjoyed this quick post and it gives you some inspiration to explore New Hampshire’s many lakes and ponds.


Lake Warren Part II

It didn’t take long to make another run to Lake Warren! I brought my Dad up a couple of weeks later and the fishing was still incredible.

I was able to capture a few more pictures to share to highlight a little bit of this trip with my Dad.

Lake Warren Alstead

Lake Warren Alstead

Lake Warren Alstead

Lake Warren Alstead

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  1. Rupert Zinn

    I would say that the pictures came out great and it’s due to the person behind the phone camera great post!


      Thank you for that unbiased review :0)

  2. Aunt Jeanie

    Sounds and looks like a great place to go and relax and see so many of God’s beautiful “creatures”. Great pictures and looking forward to seeing more.


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