Keene Ice and Snow Festival

Keene Ice and Snow Festival, on February 1st, 2020, had the city of Keene buzzing once again! I was pleased to see happy families wandering up and down Main Street taking it all in.

I was on my to Concord for the next full post so this was intended to be a quick trip.  For that reason, I did a fast loop around Main Street to get some pictures and soak it in. The Keene Ice and Snow Festival is an annual treat that offers great community spirit and artistry. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it is literally a couple of blocks from my house!

Railroad Square sported a man-made snow mountain for the kids to slide down! Parents and kids alike were having a blast climbing and sledding down it in the middle of downtown Keene!

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Ice Sculpting Artists

As is the usual custom, numerous carving stations were set up all along both sides of Main Street and Central Square! The weather was a little warm for February but the artists didn’t seem fazed. They went about making their usual masterpieces. Artists with vision and the ability to sculpt and create in three dimensions have always amazed me!

Happy Crowds

Main Street enjoyed a steady stream of people checking out the sculptures, stopping in the shops for hot drinks, and enjoying the day. In addition, a scavenger hunt was being promoted for the day and kids were being encouraged to search around town for various clues.

Icy Glow

On my way back from Concord that evening, I decided to swing back through Keene and check out the finished sculptures. Central Square was glowing with several displays. The gazebo was decorated for the season and added to the holiday charm! Each display was perched on a lighted platform that perfectly illuminated each one.

After a little bit of fumbling with the phone on my camera, I was able to find a night setting that allowed me to tone down the glare and capture these pictures.

The Keene Ice and Snow Festival, one more reason to visit Keene! Add it to your list of things to do in New Hampshire. Visit the Blog page to learn about the Keene Pumpkin Festival and Art Walk, two more great events.

Keep your eyes open for the next post on Concord, what a beautiful Capital city we have here in the granite state! I couldn’t help but notice some similarities between Keene and Concord.

What is your favorite event or thing to do in Keene? Share in the comments below. I look forward to comments and suggestions for future topics.

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