A little bit about me and my hopes for this blog

New Hampshire Live Free and Explore

My Story

Welcome to my website! I am excited to share future adventures with you. The site is named with a twist on the state motto “Live Free or Die.” As the motto might suggest, New Hampshire residents have an independent streak but are as friendly and welcoming as anyone you will meet. 

I grew up across the Connecticut River in Brattleboro, Vt. In 1990 I moved to the City of Keene, NH. It has been a great place to raise a family, work, and explore. The state consistently ranks high in the listings for the best places to live in America. 

After reading a book on blogging, I became interested in exploring the possibilities further. It seemed like a great way to explore my state and possibly create a side business/hobby into retirement.

During the days and hours of creating this site, I found myself in a state of flow where time stands still and creativity takes over. I have felt that feeling while playing guitar, kayaking, skiing, or immersed in other creative projects. I take this as a good sign.

I have challenged myself with kayaking in new lakes and ponds and tackling new ski mountains over the past several years and realized I could expand those adventures through a blog. I truly enjoy living in New England and New Hampshire specifically and look forward to seeing where this journey leads. 

It is my hope that this site will inspire readers to explore the state for themselves as we look for the many hidden and obvious gems across New Hampshire. Along the way, I hope to promote the state and all it has to offer as well as provide links and information on specific topics. 

I don’t claim to be to world’s most polished writer, but I do enjoy it and expect to get better along the way. Your suggestions on how to improve the site or topics to cover are always welcomed and encouraged. Worst case scenario, we grow this site together and inspire a few road trips, best-case scenario, we become ambassadors for New Hampshire and inspire others to “Live Free and Explore!” 

I hope you enjoy the site and sign up to stay up to date with the latest posts and information. 

Welcome to “New Hampshire Live Free and Explore!”

Tim Zinn

Mission Statement

To share living, working, and exploring New Hampshire with the world. To promote the Granite State as a great place to visit, work, live, and explore. 

We shall not cease from Exploration

and the end of all our exploring

will be to arrive where we started…

and know the place for the first time.

TS Eliot

Tim Zinn
New Hampshire Live Free and Explore!


43 Grove Street

Keene, New Hampshire 03431


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