Monadnock Region Employment

Monadnock Region Employment is the focus of this post. Considering the current COVID-19 crisis, I questioned the timing of this piece. Perhaps, it might help in some small way once we are on the other side of it all. New Hampshire, the Monadnock Region, and my hometown of Keene, all have great job opportunities and offer a great quality of life!

I will be keeping things primarily focused within the Monadnock Region with a little bit of boasting about New Hampshire in general. If you are in the market for a job or lifestyle change, Monadnock employers are looking for you!

Employment and Quality of Life

Hopefully, my posts to date have given a taste of what living in New Hampshire is like and the incredible natural beauty if offers. It really is a four-season state with no shortage of things to do and enjoy. Living and working in New Hampshire provides the added benefit of no income tax!

Keene’s Mayor, George Hansel, was kind enough to meet with me. We discussed what makes the area such a great place to live, work, and explore. Mayor Hansel states that “Keene offers an active and vibrant downtown with citizens that are committed to the community. He mentions how they “offer a willingness to tackle big ideas on a small scale.” He feels that “the state offers the right balance of priorities” and “its people are genuine.”

“Keene is the cultural and business center for the region,” says Hansel. “It offers a diverse economy with a mix of manufacturing and service sectors.” In addition, he points out that “Keene offers some of the best dining in the state.” It also “has a growing food truck scene and is a very picturesque and walkable city.”

Indeed, New Hampshire’s balance between quality of life and job opportunity sells itself. Over the years, I have had a number of conversations with individuals that had left the area for greener pastures.  They explain that they came back with a renewed appreciation and longing for that balance.

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State Rankings

It is an impressive feat that New Hampshire continually ranks high in the US News and World Report “Best States Rankings.” In 2019, it ranked with the following 8 scores:

  1. Health Care 16th
  2. Education 5th
  3. Economy 13th
  4. Infrastructure 31st
  5. Opportunity 1st
  6. Fiscal Stability 10th
  7. Crime and Corrections 1st
  8. Natural Environment 4t

Monadnock Region Employment Opportunities

The following is a partial list of major employers offering jobs in the Monadnock Region. Are you already a resident or considering a move to find that “balance”? If that is the case, perhaps one of these companies might have a job opportunity waiting for you! There are numerous smaller businesses that are very worthy of a search as well. Consider or any number of other job search engines.



  • ABTech Inc. / Ultraprecision Motion and Metrology Systems





Millipore Sigma

Graphicast / Graphite Mold Casting


Markem Imaje

Precitech / Ametech / Ultra-Precision Machining Solutions

Samson Manufacturing

Timken Super Precision


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New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc. / Precision Bearings

New Hampshire Ball Bearings Inc.

SoClean / CPAP Cleaning




Chamberlain Machining


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Check out stayworkplay for another great resource on all things New Hampshire! Keep exploring the state along with me and take a look at the job opportunities here in New Hampshire’s Monadnock Region! 

As always, feel free to leave a comment and spark some discussion in the comments section below. Make a suggestion on a topic I might not have thought about!

New Hampshire Live Free and Explore!



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